NMA Management Committee

Jan Joosten – President

Jan (John) is a local resident from a Dutch background with vast experience in community based management and has been participating in charity events locally and across the State. He currently manages the Dutch community Rembrandt Club and the NSW Dutch Choir.

Caroline Goosen – Vice President

Caroline is a retiree residing in the Blue Mountains born in Kenya. Her working life was spent in multicultural environments in different countries. Her work included bilingual secretary for ESSO Africa Inc.  in Geneva and United Nations FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome. In Australia she worked for the Peer Support foundation and for Sydney West Area Health Service in the Violence and Neglect (VAN) Prevention Service. Caroline has extensive experience in community based management filling many executive roles in a number of organisations.

Connie Reid – Secretary/ Public Officer

Connie has an Indian background and has recently retired. When in India,   she was a company director for 17 years, and also was employed as the Executive Personal Assistant to the Editor of The Statesman newspaper (Delhi) for eight years.

Valeria Bascunan – Treasurer

Valeria was born in Argentina and arrived in Australia in 1998. Since then she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance with at major in Accounting. Since 2015 Valeria has been providing Tax Help, an ATO  free service for low income earners and supporting NMA as Management Committee as Treasurer.

Sonia Cantalupo – Member

Sonia is a founding member of NMA holding executive positions and also serving as an ordinary member for the last 27 years. She has Bachelor of Adult Education and teaches at the local community college. Sonia was born in Brazil.

Thelma Mathias – Member

Local community member from an Indian background. Thelma works as a volunteer in a number of local community organisations, including NMA Ethnic Aged Day Care Program and the charity organisations.

David Ryan- Member

David is a Blue Mountains resident , his background is Irish. David uses virtual reality to create art work in collaboration with community groups and individuals. He holds a degree in English and Drama and is

currently perusing a Master in Curating and Cultural Leadership.

John Villanueva. Member

Born in the Philippines, John has an extensive experience in financial market and community work , specializing in employment readiness for people with disabilities.

Sandra Sonego: Member

Sandra was born in Australia  and has an Argentinian background. She has a Degree in Science and Biology. She has a special interest in public health  and is currently working at Western Sydney University